Our President – Marjorie Lozama

Our President’s Message

Marjorie Lozama, President
Marjorie Lozama, President

Dear Colleagues,

During this holiday season, it is fitting to reflect on the many blessings we have enjoyed during 2013. As we look back, there are many reasons to be grateful and many moments to be proud of.  I am grateful for the hard work of the new leadership team and the accomplishments of HANA. I want to join my board in thanking you for trusting us with the affairs of the association. Although, the presidency of HANA has been very challenging, I enjoy the learning process and find it very rewarding. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the pioneers, advisors and members for their continuous support and commitment.

HANA continues to have a strong presence in our local community and abroad. For the past eight months, we have worked tirelessly to strengthen HANA’s mission and establish two new committees to support that effort: The International Affairs Committee (IAC) and The Account Manager committee with the goal of enhancing HANA’s presence in Haiti and securing new sponsors to increase funding. We met with State Representative Daphnee Campbell to establish a Nurses Day in Tallahassee to increase HANA visibility; we also met with attorney Paul Novack to obtain guidelines in creating the International Haitian American Nurses Association in order to broaden HANA and open the door to chapters around the world. We have continued with our radio and TV educational shows to promote health awareness in the community.

We partner and organize health fairs with the Consulate of Haiti in Miami, Azure College, and Association des Médecins Haitiens a L’étranger (AMHE) to promote healthy living and breast cancer awareness. We continue to serve the community through multiple health fairs and participated in many local events to support health promotion. We collaborated with Shalom Church, Friends of Haiti, Hands of Carrefour, HAPC, and Man Dodo Humanitarian Foundation and served thousands of underserved and unprivileged brothers and sisters in Haiti through several medical missions to Gonaives, Thomazeau, Carrefour, Diquini Hospital, and South of Haiti. We visited and assessed the Montessino Foundation’s orphanage in TiTanyen and provided each child with book bags and school supplies. We participated in the 3rd Annual Multicultural Festival in collaboration with the International Nurses Association (INAA). We also had another successful 2nd Annual Cultural Night to promote our culture and raise funds to continue the great work of the organization.

HANA’s wonderful partnership with HCR Manor Care continues to flourish. In September 2013, we traveled to Haiti and paid the annual tuition fee for 53 children from the Institution Mahanaim, Cote Plage, Haiti. We are very thankful to Miami Dade College students School of Nursing for their donation of hundreds of school bags and supplies which were distributed to the children many cities in Haiti and the Bateyes of Dominican Republic.

The IAC committee is already at work; they attended two FSIL board meetings and assisted in the graduation of Faculté des Sciences Infirmieres de Leogane (FSIL) nursing students. The committee launched its Project 30: I Care fundraiser in the hopes of raising funds to empower nurses in Haiti, enhance nursing education, and promote the nursing profession in Haiti through conferences, symposiums, and seminars just to name a few goals.


As I mentioned in April 2013, my platform as President is to empower and engage members to be an “Agent of Change” in the community. It would have been impossible to accomplish the things listed above without the strong support of our dedicated members. I want to especially thank you, the members, who have sacrificed your precious time, knowledge, and strength to improve the health conditions of our local community and abroad.

As the year comes to an end, we will continue to grow and make an impact in the community and abroad. Please accept my gratitude for your continued support and hard work. In the spirit of the holiday, I extend my wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season, a blessed and healthy New Year 2014.

With Love & Blessings,

Marjorie Lozama, MSNEd, RN, CDMS

President of HANA of Florida