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HIV STD Screening Awareness - HANA

Health Education Sessions

Come visit us for free health education sessions on chronic disease and free screenings on blood pressure, blood sugar, etc with HANA of Florida. Special thanks to Alive & Well Community Partners for providing free HIV Screenings and other resources for participating individuals,

Thursday, March 17, 2022 at HANA’s office.


HANA Candidate Forum 2018

Hosted by the Haitian American Nurses Association, the Candidate Forum was a great opportunity to meet with the political candidates on a Federal, State and local races and discuss their missions to serve in public office. We learned about their background history and views on issues that impact the residents of Dade County and Greater Florida. Part of the evening was streamed through FB live.

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Contact HANA at:, (305) 609-7498,
Disclaimer: Please note that the forum was open to the public. In addition, all candidates, all levels of office: local, state and national regardless of political party were encouraged to attend

A Conversation with former US Ambassador to Haiti

The Evolving Role of the Haitian Diaspora; A Shifting Paradigm

Join a panel of experts for a conversation on Haiti’s economic future., the Haitian/Dominican Republic crisis, the effect of Haiti’s crisis on the future generation, and the shifting role of the Haitian Diaspora in the United States