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HANA Newsletter – January 22, 2022 – Volume 16, Issue 1

On behalf of HANA’s Board of Directors, I would like to convey my gratitude and appreciation to all HANA members for their resilience as we are facing the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Resilience clearly de nes the nurses’ ability to face these stressful situations while deepening their continuous optimism for the future. I command all HANA members, and other healthcare workers for their selflessness and dedicated services as heroes on the front lines during this crisis. I acknowledge the unwavering sacrifice to care for their patients in the emergency rooms, intensive care units, and other settings while jeopardizing their own health by being exposed daily to the virus and thereby compromising their families. Furthermore, being separated from loved ones while managing isolated COVID-19 patients and their families, I am still amazed at the courage found by HANA Members who continuously serve their local communities and abroad.

During this pandemic, I learn to appreciate and enjoy life while cherishing my relationships with others amid these uncertain times, and what life will bring in the coming years. Moreover, I became more humble because COVID-19 does not spare age, gender, race, education, wealth, and national origins. I realize the importance of adding human kindness to resiliency while caring for others, our families, and ourselves. I also created a work-life balance that allowed me more quality time with my family, while continuing to dedicate myself to the service of others in the community. I take this opportunity to encourage you to value life, develop meaningful relationships with others; protect yourself, care for your mental health, and practice self-care.

Despite this difficult and challenging season, we strive to meet our goals and objectives. Our accomplishments include: Education and multiple COVID-19 testing and vaccination drives in the community in collaboration with Keeping the Faith to Fight COVID-19 grant sponsored by the Health Foundation of South Florida; Annual retreat from June 17 to 20, 2021 in Cape Canaveral; Increase member engagement in the affairs of HANA; Signi cant increase in membership affiliation; Successful and productive Earthquake Humanitarian Disaster relief efforts/mission in the southern region of Haiti during the post-earthquake in collaboration with Haitian Alliance Nurses Association International (HANA-I), Man Dodo Foundation and Haitian American Pharmacists Association (HAPA); Increase the capacity of “Koze Sante” educational program on radio and Television (TV); Participation in the HANA-I emergency trip to Texas to assist the distressed Haitian migrants; and lastly, Acquisition of a larger office granted by the City of North Miami Beach. We proudly demonstrated a commitment to dedicating ourselves to lifesaving work within the mission and vision of HANA. Special thanks to the Miami Foundation, Morehourse School of Medicine, National COVID-19 Resiliency Network (NCRN) and United Front for supporting HANA Koze Sante Radio and TV Shows.

In short, my dear HANA leaders and members, I highly regard your challenging work, collaboration, and relationship with each other within the organization. Thank you very much for your resiliency in serving our community.

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HANA – 2015 Year End Newsletter

As we approach the end of 2015, I want to take the opportunity to reflect on the successes and challenges of a very busy year. The Haitian American Nurses Association of Florida (HANA), Inc. is extremely blessed to have dedicated members, advisers, and supporters who work tirelessly to keep the legacy of the association alive. It has indeed been an extraordinary year for us. On behalf of HANA, it is with great pleasure that I wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season.

HANA has been very visible in the community and abroad. We have been working on advocating for our nurses. It is unfortunate that a month ago, a healthcare agency in New York decided to place a discriminatory advertisement in a newspaper for LPNs and RNs, boldly stating “No Haitians”. HANA took a clear stand against this offensive ad and demanded a full investigation and substantial penalty levied against this corporate perpetrator of hate. The media was made aware of our disappointment and we are now expecting a thorough investigation to be conducted by the Department of Justice concerning this civil rights violation. We displayed solidarity with our sister HANA chapters in combating racism to positively effect change.

In an effort to increase our visibility and continue marketing our brand, HANA members participated in the annual Black Caucus Convention in Washington, DC for the first time. Consequently, we encourage our members to get

involved in the legislative processes related to nursing and healthcare. There are several other legislative activities that are scheduled for 2016 in collaboration with other organizations. These include FNA 2016 Advocacy Days in Tallahassee and National Black Nurses Association 28th Annual Day on Capitol Hill, in Washington, DC. Since the last newsletter publication in April 2015, HANA continues to fulfill its passion for mentoring and providing educational support to the local community and abroad.

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April 16, 2016, Volume 13, Issue 1

President’s Message

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends, Tonight, we are celebrating our 32nd Annual Scholarship Fundraising and Awards Gala. On behalf of the Haitian American Nurses Association of Florida (HANA), I would like to thank you for your continued support in maintaining the legacy of the association. It will be exactly one year since the executive board was elected to lead this noble association, and together, we have done a fantastic job! I also want to thank each board member for the sacrifices and hard work they contribute on a daily basis to better serve our community. The difference that we make as a team in other people’s lives is immeasurable. Tonight, I am eager to share with you the extraordinary achievements that this team has accomplished.

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