President’s Message

Pauline Louis Magiste President

Pauline Louis-Magiste, MSNEd, APRN, RN

Hello and thank you for visiting our website.

In January 2010, post the devastating earthquake that struck our beloved Haiti, I attended my first HANA meeting and was amazed by the tremendous work of the members. The disaster relief efforts they were doing not just here locally, but in Haiti is a clear description of one of the many integral parts of HANA’s mission: to become effectively involved with the issues and services relevant to the health and welfare of the communities in Florida and abroad. As I begin my 2-year tenure as HANA of Florida’s’ president, my primary objective is as: To enhance our community engagement by combining the old with the new. HANA is known in our community for its voluntary efforts in bridging the gap of health disparities by improving health literacy through education, awareness, mentoring, and partnership.


My first goal is to revamp the health educational programs via television and radio talk shows where HANA was once known in the community (the old) and utilizing our social media pages to educate and promote health (the new). Secondly, Continue our engagement with our sister chapters, One HANA One Mission. HANA has eleven chapters nationally serving their respected communities, Strengthen the relationship with HANA chapters through mutual respect, trust, and unity involvement as we embark on the next venture of HANA International (HANA-I). This long-awaited organization will allow Haitian nurses living and working in other countries around the world to be a part of HANA’s legacy. Hence, our theme this year “Moving from Regional to Global Impact”. Third, encourage membership engagement where we can continue to strengthen HANA’s legacy through innovative ideas and community service.

As I start this new journey as the 16th elected president of HANA of Florida, a position that the members entrusted me with to continue the legacy of the visionaries who saw a dire need to serve the community. Their compassion to serve their brothers and sisters in the community is a great reflection of the foundation of the nursing profession. I am and will forever be grateful and pray that along with the help and support of the executive board, members, and advisors; we can continue to carry the torch that they ignited 35 years ago. I want to thank our outgoing President Marsha Eloi for her tireless leadership for the past two years. I will continue the robust initiatives she has implemented during her tenure as President. I am also grateful to Guerna Blot who recruited me to be a member of this great organization.

As a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization volunteer organization, every dollar that is donated to the organization is used to continue the work that we do and all the expenses of maintaining the organization. Building a sustainable relationship and partnership with various organizations locally and abroad is imperative to the mission and vision of this amazing organization.

Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, and Working together is success” Henry Ford.

Pauline Louis-Magiste, MSN-Ed, APRN, RN

President of HANA of Florida 2019-2021