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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about how to engage with HANA. If you need specific help or

your question isn’t answered here, you can call us at (305) 609-7498 or read our

Terms of Service and Support Policy here.


On the website, click the tab “Get involved” and click “Become a member” from the drop-down menu. It will lead you to the sign-up page.
We ask that if you’re a nurse you do join us as member but if not, you can also become a member.
Health fairs throughout the year, medical missions, TV/Radio show, HANA facility.
Yes, about 3-4 missions per year.
You can send an email to info@hanaofflorida.org or call 305-609-7498 for more info. As a member, mission trips are announced through our bulletin and email.
If expenses were made on behalf of HANA, please hold all receipts and send a captured picture to info@hanaofflorida.org. The treasurer or the President will review and reimburse.
At any time, you may receive a refund from HANA as long as there’s proof of receipts.


On the website, click the tab “Get involved” and click “Become a member” from the drop-down menu. It will lead you to the sign-up page. You can come to our monthly meetings every 3rd Saturday of every month except July, August, and April.
No, you do not have to be a Haitian or of Haitian descents to join but to become a board member, you do.
Yes, you can join as a student nurse.
Networking ● Continuing Education Units (CEUs) ● Employment Opportunities ● Scholarships ● Mentorship ● Community hours for students ● Contribution to the Advancement of the future of nursing ● Advance the necessity of providing culturally competent care of Haitians Americans ● Self-serving/volunteering in the community ● Role Modeling (Motivation to pursue higher education) ● Lifelong Friendships ● Sisterhood/Brotherhood/Comradery ● Travel abroad with Medical Mission Team
Yes, if an active member. Disclaimer: please take into consideration that being a member does not guarantee a letter of recommendation from our leaders. You must be active and be known by the leaders themselves so they may provide a true accurate recommendation of your character.
Yes, HANA have many nurses, nurse practitioners in all different specialties, nursing directors and entrepreneurs that can help guide you through your career.
No, men and women are able to join.
HANA provides you with a network of nurses from different specialties that can assist with finding you employment.
HANA has 11 different committees that you can be involved in.


During our scholarship season (December – March), to review the latest application requirements, you may visit the "Scholarship" page on the HANA site or send a request via email to: info@hanaofflorida.org.
To apply for our scholarship, you have to be a Haitian or of Haitian descents and currently in a nursing program with an already standing calculated GPA. Go to our "Scholarship" page to see more of the qualifications.
HANA scholarship season usually runs between December to March and all scholarship are awarded in our Annual Scholarships & Awards Gala held during the month of April.
Almost all accredited respective schools in the south of Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward) are sent the scholarship season open reminder letter through the Director of Nursing to share with the nursing student body. You may also visit the site during the month of December to March to apply.


HANA raises money through grants, sponsorships, and donations.
There is different level of sponsorships for different programs HANA has throughout the year. Please click here to view them all. You may also use the donation link and donate (please comment which program).
Funds are allocated to scholarships, medical missions, Health fair supplies year-rounds, HANA major programs throughout the year, and for the committee works.
HANA uses it funds to holds its own medical missions throughout the year and also partners with other organizations for mission trips.
Through the donation tab on our site. Please indicate which in-kind gift you’re donating to.
All major credit cards, cashapp, paypal.